Friday, November 21, 2008

Annabelle and Ozzi
Once again time has flown by. We have been busy with vendor shows, farm days and even one halter show. All of the Alpacas are doing great. Gonzo and Remus are happy for the cooler weather but they miss the Alpacas being out in the pasture daily. Gonzo is doing wonderful on his medicine and is back to his normal playful self. It really is great to see him running around again.
As I mentioned, we had one halter show in Loveland, CO the first weekend of Nov. We took Zoey, Marquez and Misty. Zoey and Marquez both took second place in their respective classes, which is great considering they were both big classes. Misty didn't place but we still feel good about the show. Here are some pictures of Zoey and Marquez - I told the guy I didn't want to be in the picture, you can see he listened!! Marquez is in the first picture, hopefully he will be ready to start his breeding career this summer. He really is a handsome boy.
This one is of Zoey, she is still my favorite. Every time I go out to feed she loves to give me kisses.Last weekend I had a vendor booth at the Denver Botanical Gardens Holiday Sale. We sold LOTS of Alpaca socks, there should be some warm feet in Colorado this year. We sold other Alpaca stuff too, but the socks are always the biggest hit. We also participated in the National Farm day with Alpacas on the Rocks then we had our own farm day later in Oct. These were all great events - we plan on having an Open Barn Day here, every Spring and Fall.
Now about the Alpacas, this is a picture of Legend. He is about 3 months old now. Jack and Macey are weaned, but Legend, Ozzi and Ninah are still with their moms and they continue to keep me laughing. I noticed a while back that Ninah would go to the place where one of the big girls had been eating her pellets and clean up what had fallen to the ground. I started putting small handfuls there and all of the sudden she was following me around until I would put her pellets down. We did that for a couple of weeks but now all three cria are eating out of the pellet bowls, and they LOVE their pellets. Of course I have to separate them from the big girls or they wouldn't get any. Ozzi seems to always have a dirty face, which is strange, but true. If I catch him he is very boisterous.

This is Ninah, I am very excited about her. Her fleece is extremely crimpy, which is a good thing.

It is time for me to start knitting again, I will try to at least make a post monthly, so please check back.