Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Molly Marine

Once again I find that time has flown, we are now into the baby season again and shearing time has come and gone. Our first cria arrived on Monday a white girl who we named Molly Marine (in honor of Dana, our daughter, who is currently serving). The picture below is of me, Dana and Rossi, it was taken on Family Day at Parris Island, the day before graduation from Boot Camp, which was April 10, 2009 - a day I will never forget, thats for sure.

We have a new guard dog, her name is Eve. At the end of May, Gonzo stopped eating on a Saturday and by the time we were able to get him to the vet, on Tuesday (Monday was a holiday) they did xrays and discovered that he had cancer and his organs were failing. What a sad, sad day. I was actually farm sitting for some friends so I wasn't even home. It's amazing how fast it all happened, the vet was actually here on that previous Friday for some alpaca stuff and he was fine but by Monday morning he had labored breathing. At least he didn't suffer for long and although his life was short, I believe it was a happy one. So, because of the bear situation last year and the fact that Remus had lost another partner (Romulus was the first) we wanted to get a replacement ASAP..... enter Eve. She is another Anatolian Shepard and is about 10 months old. We kept Eve in a stall where Remus could smell her for a couple of days then put them both on leashes out in the pasture and walked them around one evening, the next evening we kept Eve on the leash and then the next morning after feeding we let them both out. There really hasn't been a "dog fight" Remus will put Eve in her place, but there has been no blood shed. Eve is a very sweet girl. She seem to love the alpacas. Marquez put his head through the fence and while I was getting him unstuck Eve was giving him kisses, he didn't like it, but she was happy.

She also loves the baby - she lays by the fence all day. Today I think I will put them in the pasture, should be fun to watch. So Nadine is the next one due, I think she will have it next week. After that I will have a few weeks off then for the entire month of August and into Sept I will be on baby watch again.