Sunday, July 20, 2008

Meet Ninah

We have been watching Jenis for about 2 months - she looked like she swallowed a football, which they normally do for a couple of days, then the baby repositions and it doesn't look that way anymore. But she has been huge!! I haven't left the house for more than an hour. I have been in need of a haircut for a while now so I decided to make an appointment for Friday afternoon. Wouldn't you know it when I got back home.... there she was!

Thank goodness it was a normal birth!! The placenta was out too, but only half of it. I called the vet to find out what to do, and as luck would have it she was in the area. When she got here she was cleaning under the tail preparing to manually get the rest of it out... yikes, that doesn't sound very good, but the rest came out on its own, WHEW, that was a relief.

Jenis is an excellent first time mom. She just stood still and let Ninah figure out where the milk bar was. They are so unsteady on their feet, they are all over the place, but Jenis was very patient. As you can see in this picture her front legs look a little bit like they are bending the wrong way, so thats something we will be keeping a close eye on.

We have two births left to go - Lady and Annabelle. I don't think either one of them will have it in the next couple of weeks, but you never know.

Below is an updated picture of Macey Grae. She has grown and is beautiful. There isn't much crimp to her fleece, yet, but we have high hopes that it what grows will have some crimp to it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The bear is still around

Ok this might not look like much but its about as close as I would like to be to the bear who has decided that our neighborhood is home for him. This picture was taken at about 8:30pm last week and this is about the third time we have actually seen him, so I know he has been around more than that. He likes our neighbors bird feeder. So far he hasn't given ours a try but I think its because Gonzo and Remus raise quite a ruckus when he is around. We also have four hot wires on the outside of our pasture fences and keep the driveway gate closed at night.

As you can see, Just Jack is growing big. Last time I
weighed him he was about 42 pounds. I am feeding Daisy extra pellets to try and keep her weight up. We have rebred her to Mousse for a 2009 cria and she is making lots of milk for Jack, so she needs the extra nourishment. The only problem is now everytime I go to the barn, which is often since I am on baby watch again, she thinks I am coming to feed her more alphafa pellets. I have to pay attention to what she is doing, otherwise she will pinch whatever she can get ahold of in her teeth. I have discovered that she likes to have her chin scratched though, we'll see how long that lasts, once the pg hormones really kick in that will be a thing of the past. Jack and Macey are making a race track out of the paddock. I can't let them out in the pasture daily anymore, since we don't have the rain, so every evening they make the loop. I hope we get some moisture soon so they can go back out more often.
You can see from this picture that the grass is scarce. Nadine is such a great mom. We are trying to get her rebred to a grey male, but he is only 22 months and not quite ready. We will try again this weekend.
I am also on baby watch for Jenis, Lady and Annabelle. Jenis has looked like she swallowed a football for a couple of months and I was concerned that the baby wasn't positioning right but yesterday she started pooching under the tail - YEAH!! Annabelle is already pooching and she isn't due til the very end of the month. Lady hasn't pooched but she holds her tail up constantly, so I think she is good. All of them are super grouchy. And thats being nice about it. I just came in from checking on them and Jenis was by the barn door and Lady comes up and all the sudden its a spit fight. Jenis is usually the low girl in the pecking order and she has been spitting at anyone who walks by. Tomorrow will be day 341 for her it should be a good day for a baby. I will keep you posted.