Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bruno, Tessa

I has been quite a while since I updated the post, and lots has happened. My daughter has joined the US Marine Corp and currently is in recruit training in Parris Island, SC. Although that really doesn't have to do with the Alpacas it has certainly changed things around here. We are extremely proud of her!

All of the babies have been weaned and we have started halter training. That's always fun! The babies are all that small anymore. This picture is of them eating, of course the day before, when I was inspired by this picture they all looked up at me, at the same time and I didn't have my camera, figures. From left to right (up above) they are: Ozzi, Legend, Ninah and Macey. We moved Ozzi over to the boys barn this last weekend, he was getting FAT. But he still has the personality - I close them out of the barn to clean, before feeding and I can hear him out there humming, then when I open the door he comes running for his pellets and follows me until I put a bowl down.

This is a picture of Bruno, I put this one in because he is no longer with us. We got Bruno because he was kindof sickly from the beginning. Every winter we had to put a coat on him when it got cold. This winter was no exception. It has been a warm winter for the most part, but the problem came when it was near 60 one day and dropped to the 20's the next. Of course he had his coat on, but when I went to the barn to feed he was cushed (laying down) in the barn and couldn't get up. I got a heavier blanket on him and got him under the heat lamp and put hay in front of him to eat. When Charlie got home he helped me get him up on his feet and he was fighting with Sergio over food (a good sign I thought). Needless to say he was gone the next morning despite keeping the heat lamp on all night, and it didn't get below 0. I guess it was the temp extremes. But it was very sad. He was the one who was always chewing on sticks and leaving them in the water buckets. We will miss him. I have some beautiful yarn from him, so I think I will keep some for myself. His yarn is always one of the first to go, it is very nice.

It is time to think about shearing, GWAS (a big alpaca show) babies and our semi-annual Open Barn (March 28th). Below is a picture of Tessa she is the first on the list to deliver a baby this year. It should be in mid June. She is a sweetheart. Usually alpacas don't like to be messed with, Tessa even though she is pregnant loves attention. She will just stand there and let me look at her fleece, very unusual for an alpaca. But I'm not complaining.