Thursday, August 7, 2008

butterflies, more crias (babies)

As the summer is flying by we have busy here. Annabelle gave birth to Ozzi on Monday. It was day 342 for her. Lady is the last one due and today is day 354. Lady is the white one you see in the picture. Of course all of the alpacas are interested in the new kid, they try to get theirs noses under the fence or through the wires. Annabelle is a great mom, lots of clucking and humming going on. There was only one issue with Lady, while Ozzi was still drying off and getting his bearing, Lady decided that she liked him....??? He was still in the corner of the barn where he was born and Annabelle was cushed (laying down) with her head out the door, Lady came over to smell him and decided she was going to lay next to him. I had to physically push and shove Lady to one of the other stalls, she is not an animal that likes to be touched, so I found this kind of odd. It makes me wonder if because she is so close to having hers if she was going to take possession of him. I kept her with the other girls and their babies until Annabelle and Ozzi had time to bond, about 3 hours. All is well now. Lady doesn't really want Ozzi anyplace close to her.

The picuture above on the left is Ninah. She will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. I think she is our cutest baby this year, I love her gray ears and her short nose. The one on the right is Ozzi - I guess brown is my color. I put in this picture of the butterfly because I liked it and just wanted to share.