Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Legend is born

I can hardly believe that fall is here - I hadn't realized it had been so long since I made a post! Since the last post we have had one more baby.... Dreamcatcher Peruvian Legend. I was out of town for the weekend and was on my way home so my husband Charlie delivered him. Thankfully the birth was an easy on and there were no problems.

Legend quickly made friends with the other cria and loves to run and pronk with them. Jack being the oldest and biggest still wants to play with the little ones and Legend will spit at him if he thinks Jack is being a bullly. Legend and Ozzi love to play together they are always neck wrestling.
I have video taped them, I just need to figure out how to get it on the blog so everyone can enjoy it and get a good laugh.

We had the vet up here last week to do ultrasounds on Nadine, Daisy and Tessa. They have all been re-bred and after 30 days we do an ultrasound to make sure they are pregnant. Nadine is confirmed, Tessa could be carrying twins (not a good thing) and Daisy didn't hold the pregnancy. I was concerned for Daisy because I kept feeding her extra and she wasn't gaining any weight, so we did a blood draw on her to check the levels and the vet now has me feeding her Soybean meal for some added protein. After a week she seems to have gained.... our scale broke a couple of days after Legend was born so I haven't been able to weight her, but we also do body scores. You feel the backbone right behind the front shoulders and it should be V shaped, a U would be heavy and concave V is thin. Anyway, Jack will be 4 mths old next week and I will be weaning him. I usually like to wait until they are about 6 mths but for Daisy's health we are doing it early. He should be fine, he is eating lots of hay and loves the pellets!

We also managed to get Gonzo down to the vet last week. I was dreading it because they hate leaving the pasture and they hate car rides, but he did wonderful!! We thought that they would do a skin biopsy but the dog vet took one look at him and thinks he has a autoimmune problem. He is now on Prednisone twice a day and is doing better already. He isn't 100% but it is great that he doesn't spend all day in the barn now. And he isn't scratching as much. The vet said it could take 6 mths to be totally gone.
This is a picture of Ninah - she is still the cutest, with her grey ears.
I will work on getting the video to upload, hopefully by next time I post I will figure it out.