Sunday, August 30, 2009

One more boy and more bear stories

Five down and only one more to go... and the last one was a white male, so we are 4 boys and 1 girl this year. This little guy doesn't have a name yet, I had a girl name picked out hoping that it would be a girl, so much for that. But he sure is cute and the delivery was easy, thank goodness.
All the other cria a doing well, Cadence and Jonah are always running around trying to get Andy to play, Molly just spits at them til they leave her alone. I call them the twins, they kinda look the same, what do you think? Jonah is the darker of the two, and his dad is Dark Fawn and Cadence dad is black, so I would have thought it would be different too. Just goes to show how much I really don't know.
On Friday night our neighbors were out of town and the bear decided that he would like in the shed where they keep corn for the deer. We heard him at about 11pm and tried to scare him off, but obviously that didn't work. The next morning we went to look at the damage, and this is what we found. Notice that the bags of corn look untouched??? Guess it was just the challenge of getting the door off that he wanted.

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